BMD Documents and photos for Gambrills

Below is a table listing for some of the photos, birth (or baptisms), marriage and death (or burial) documents and images that I have. Names are mostly GAMBRILL, but you’ll see others which are in my tree. Assumptions are made for older generations & no image. The idea is get documents & pic for everyone (where realistically possible)

I probably should point out that many of the folks below lived in NSW and the original sources for the BMD documents maybe from: 1) NSW Birth, Marriage & Death Registry 2) Joy Murrin Transcription Agent 3) Laurence Turtle Transcriptions 4) Marilyn Rowan Transcription Agent 5) GeniCert Transcriptions 6) Some other form of original documentation from Australia or other countries.

Update on the marriage column count, currently it (mostly?) reflects the marriage count for the male but its not 100% accurate as some females married more than once and in some cases I haven’t even added the male to the list. So at some point i’ll separate the marriage column and combine couples for 1 count of marriage. But as for the current marriage number count (71) it shouldn’t be too far off the correct number. Hope that makes sense.

Many people have sent me the images & documents, a big shout out & thankyou for sharing.

my email or my tree

 means I have it, X, I dont, NA not applicable.

Gambrill Military Records Australia

Another list. (UPDATED 15 OCT 2015)

I’d like to get hold of all Gambrill Military documents the National Archives of Australia. The list below gives a run down of my current status.

My tree

The end numbers are the bar code, which you can use to search for the files on NAA, or simply use the persons name. Most relate to the military.