BMD Documents and photos for Gambrills

Below is a table listing photos, birth, marriage and death (in some cases it will be the burial record) for my convict ancestor, William Gambrill (Gambrell), his children, grandchildren, his 2 wives and a few generations before him. The table shows whether or not I have a copy of that particular photo or document. Please note that this list has been in hibernation for a few years (back online July 2014) so it does need some updating.

This doesnt reflect my entire tree but only close relations to that of my convict ancestor. Check out the link below for the full tree.

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 means I have it, X means I dont, NA not applicable.

A big shout out goes to all that have kindly contributed to this list below, thankyou.

Last update (8 Oct 2015)

Williams Gambrill: Photo Birth Marriage Death
William Gambrill 1821-1888 ✔✔
Williams 2 wives:
Sarah Ransley 1827-1856
Sarah Etherden 1835-1921
Williams Paternal Line:
George Gambrill 1790-1837
Ann Turner 1790-1834
George Gambrill 1761-1832
Sarah Wood 1761-1783
Sarah Goldfinch 1755-1834
George Gambrill 1720-1810
Elizabeth Finn 1720 -1767
George Gambrill 1682-1765
Denise Elgar 1687-1773
George Gambrill 1654-1693
Elizabeth Jourdan 1654-1693
Williams Children from 1st wife Photo Birth Marriage Death
William Charles Gambrill 1845-1892
Harriet Eliza Gambrill 1848-1920
Richard Gambrill 1850-1932 NA
Sophia J M Gambrill 1852-1917
Theodore Gambrill 1854-1939
Williams Children from 2nd Wife:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
Ruth Alice Gambrill 1858-???? ?
Sarah Ann Gambrill 1861-1949 ✔✔
Elizabeth Gambrill 1863-????
Mary Jane Gambrill 1863-1877 NA
Benjamin Gambrill 1866-1935
Susannah Gambrill 1868-1958
Henry John Gambrill 1871-1951
George Thomas Gambrill 1874-1952
William Enoch Gambrill 1877-1926 ✔✔
Frederick Job Gambrill 1879-1898
William Gambrill & Janet Melville Children: Photo Birth Marriage Death
Ethelene Australia Gambrill 1880-1974 N/A
Clive William Gambrill 1882-1882 NA
Arthur Ransley Gambrill 1883-1968
Annie Melville Gambrill 1885-1961
Wesley Charles Gambrill 1888-1972
Walter Gavin Gambrill 1891-1972
Leslie Holden & Harriet Gambrill Children:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
Leslie John Holden 1872-1953
William Hessal Holden 1873-1948
Arthur E Holden 1875-1877 NA
Edith E Holden 1878-1878 NA
Eva Annie Holden 1879-1967
Frederick Charles Holden 1881-1899
Bertram Ransley Holden 1883-1966
Ruby Florence Holden 1886-1958
Minnie May Holden 1888-1960  
John Smith & Sophia Gambrill Children:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
Edith May Smith 1873-1931
Amy Smith 1874-1959
Francis John W Smith 1876-1964
Robert Smallwood Smith 1878-1963
Carlton Smith 1880-1919
Ruby Beatrice Smith 1882-1974
Hilton Scarborough Smith 1884-1936
Athur Chalres Smith 1886-????
Eva M Smith 1888-????
Leila Essie Smith 1891-1969
Theordore Gambrill & Sarah Woolcock Children:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
Darcy Bertrude Gambrill 1878-1958
George Edgerton Gambrill 1881-1940
Ruby Gwydir Gambrill 1883-1975  ✘
Pearl Elinor Gambrill 1885-1893 NA
Arthur W T Gambrill 1887-1942
Edwin Horace Gambrill 1891-1972
William C Worsley 1886-1931???
Benjamin Gambrill & Emily Barnes Children:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
William James Gambrill 1891-1951
Cecil E Gambrill 1893-1893
Gladys M Gambrill 1894-1894
Frederick G Gambrill 1895-1896
Alfred C Gambrill 1897-1898
Elsie M Gambrill 1898-1898
Harriet M Gambrill 1900-1972
Arthur B Gambrill 1901-1901
Stanley Norman Gambrill 1903-1974
Susannah Gambrill & George Ross Children:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
Arthur John Ross 1891-1891
Victor E Ross 1893-1933
Ivy May Ross 1895-1979
Walter Harold Ross 1897-1964
Laura Ethel Ross 1904-1904
Ruby Elizabeth Ross 1907-1983
Henry Gambrill & Ellen Duggan Children:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
Leslie Thomas Gambrill 1900-1982
Alice Maud Ruth Gambrill 1895-1971
George Henry Gambrill 1896-1978
Horrie R Gambrill 1898-1899 NA
Fred John Gambrill 1898-1974
Edward William Gambrill 1902-1958 ✘✘
James Barry Gambrill 1907-1985
Arthur Charles Gambrill 1912-1950
Sydney Etherton Gambrill 1915-2002 ✘ ✘
Alfred Smedley Gambrill 1917-1989 ✘✘ ✘
Ellen Martha Gambrill 1906-1992
George Gambrill & Mary Mckay Children:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
George Robert Gambrill 1900-1971
Muriel Elizabeth Gambrill 1910-1996
Walter Stanley Gambrill 1897-1973
Miriam Irene Gambrill 1898-1987
George Maxwell Gambrill 1912-2003
Mona Smedley Gambrill 1903-1980
Donald T M Gambrill 1911-1998 ✘ ✘
Reginald Etherten Gambrill 1905-1997
William Gambrill & Eleanor Baker/Ethel Ward Children:  Photo  Birth  Marriage  Death
Eunice Gambrill 1920-????
Blanch Gambrill 1923-1996
Doris E Gambrill 1912-????
Beryl Isabel Gambrill 1914-2012
Arthur Frederick Gambrill 1915-2009
Olive Eleanor Edna Gambrill 1917-1994
Betty Gambrill 1926-????
Marjorie Gambrill 1921-????